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The Importance of Consistency

With consistency in business comes trust and awareness. These are some of the most important components of running a successful business. Consumers no longer only care about the service you provide, consumers want to connect, they want to have some what of a relationship with their supplier and relationships are built on trust. The foundation of trust must be strong and stiff in order to build anything strong and sturdy.

Trust builds relationships.

Consistency also bring awareness and recognition, now when consumers see things relating to your brand they may think of your business. For example if say to you, tell me a brand that relates to red and Christmas! 9/10 times the person I ask says Coca-Cola, that's brand recognition. That's because Coca-Cola have consistently associated their advertising taking these things into consideration.

My Pretty Marketing understands the importance of trust building and brand consistency, that's why our marketing strategies are unique. We first build a story, for your consumers to connect to, we then give them space to trust us, we build that trust by staying true to your company values and consistent throughout your business brand.

"For me it was important to display trust and consistency throughout my brand because that's what we represent as a company and what I represent as a person."

- Mindy Sidhu "Founder My Pretty Marketing"


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