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Staring a new business - FREE CHECKLIST & GUIDE

You want to start a business. You've done all the research and now it's time to put things into action. Well, we have designed a free check list to guide you through your journey.

This guide has been created to celebrate the launch of our new 6-week step by step mentoring sessions called the "Pathway to your first successful client".

Within these 6 weeks we will work as a team to have everything your business needs. By the end of the 6 weeks your business would have covered and completed processes for the following: legal, branding/marketing, accounting, processes, customer services and sales departments.



I know you're all probably like MINDY, WE GET IT!!!! TELL US ABOUT THE PRICES!

I'm so happy to say after extensive market research I have come up with a way to ensure this process is more than affordable.

The costs can be spread over 3 months for your convenience, and should you happen to be a better researcher than me and you find a like to like service for cheaper! We will price match.



The free check list can be downloaded from here!


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